Friday, December 30, 2005

A Poem About Trust

I will be
What Winter would have
Gray and stiff
With life hidden in my earth
Ready to rise up
When warm winds pass over
When sweet rains anoint me

When Spring has Her way
I will be
Green and supple


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve At Nana and Papa's

'Tis the night before Christmas in our little old house
And no one remains but me and my spouse.

Our kid's have gone home, twelve grandkids as well.

But they stayed and they played for quite a long spell.
We laughed and we ate. We played and we laughed.

We did this till we were all thoroughly daft!

The stockings which marched along banisters high

Were snatched and then emptied in the blink of an eye.

The mountain of gifts that surrounded our tree
Was leveled in no time from what I could see.
On our dining room table had been food of all kinds

And in an abundance to boggle most minds.

It was gobbled up fast. And now all that remains

Are crumbs, dirty dishes, and rugs full of stains.

The house is now quiet except for the snoring

Of our dear little dog. Or is that ME who's snoring.

Yes, I relish this time to kick back and unwind
To play over and over the day in my mind.

It was worth all the work. It was worth any stress.
Though it sounds strange to some, it was worth the big mess.

For it pleasured me so all the bright happy faces,
All the laughter exploding, all the heartfelt embraces.

It pleasured me so.