Saturday, January 21, 2006

Our Snow Angel

(Double click for large view)

Take a look at this beauty. That's our buddy Max playing in the snow early this morning. He is still wearing his Christmas bandana around his neck that he got from the groomer. I need to throw that thing in the wash.

I'll have to tell you about Max someday and how we adopted him through Collie Rescue. I'll have to tell you how we can't say the word "walk" within earshot of Max without his going crazy with excitement.

Sometime I'll have to tell you how Max thinks he should be in the bathroom with my hubby and me when we are putting on our jammies at night and getting ready for bed. Our bathroom is not small, but when you get two people in it plus a big dog roaming about, the space gets a little cramped.

I'll have to tell you someday how Max hides when he knows we are about to leave the house to go somewhere and about to put him in the utility room. He thinks if he is out of sight, he is out of mind. Well, he would like the run of the house in our absence so that he can get into things while we are gone. We know what is on his mind.

Sometime soon, I will tell you how much Max loves his daily treat of a slice of Roman Meal bread. In the morning he follows me around the kitchen relentlessly until I give in and get him his slice of bread. Then he leaves me alone about it unless he hears the bread wrapper rustling later in the day. He could be at the farthest end of the house and still be able to hear the rustling of the bread wrapper.

What a dog! I'll have to tell you about him sometime.


We woke this morning to trees weighted down with snow and sparkling in the morning sun. Here are a few shots my hubby took of this winter wonderland.

(double click for a large view)

Scenes like these are what make winter tolerable.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Canvas Mural - Garden Scene

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My artist son painted this canvas mural for one of his clients. He has done Trompe L'oeil and murals for several clients in the Chicago area. I will be featuring his work here from time to time. Enjoy!