Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summer's End

In a few days this summer will come to an end officially. I will miss it.

I will miss the hours my collie and I spent together on our deck. What a terrific companion this dog is for me and my hubby. As I took in the backyard scenery this summer and listened to the birds sing and gazed at my beautiful flowers, Max maintained his usual watchful eye and keen ear in case of trouble.

The only real trouble that came our way out on the deck happened one night while Max and I were sitting quietly in the dark. Our resident raccoon, unaware Max and I were sitting nearby, decided to check out our gazebo. Once I realized something big was nosing around the grill that sits in the gazebo, I let out a series of hisses causing the raccoon to scurry toward an exit. Max rushed toward the gazebo in hot pursuit of the intruder. Too late, Mr. Raccoon escaped to safe quarters in an oak tree close by surviving to snoop around another night.
(Double click the following photos for exciting detail.)

The wildlife in our backyard go about their daily business. They pay us no mind in the process. The squirrels chatter back and forth to each other as if they might be in disagreement over something. No one seems to care that Max and I are sitting there. I suppose the wildlife looks at us as just two more members of the backyard gang.

What a treat when a particular hummingbird pays us a visit. He flutters in mid air effortlessly while he takes a sample from first one flower then another and another before flying off to perch on a limb in our woods.
My flowers! They are like my babies almost. I pamper them. I worry about them. Do they need a drink? How about a little pruning?

I call these two rounded mounds of impatiens my flower girls. Normally they are hanging from hooks in the gazebo. But the day I took these photos I had them down on the floor because our son was staining that side of the gazebo. I call them my flower girls because they scatter their petals on the deck floor as if they are in a wedding and promenading down the aisle preparing the way for the bride.

The lovely orange/red begonias below were an afterthought on my part this summer. I had these extra begonias left over from another planting. I shoved them into this pot and, more or less, let them know they were on their own from that point forward. Usually I am much kinder toward flowers and fuss over them nearly to excess. But not these. Yet they managed. Even though they had to fend for themselves without my doting, they turned out great. This makes me think that all my doting is not really needed anyway.

The fuschia flower (below) is new to me. I never had one till this summer. Their blooms are most delicate and intriguing.

This is my "Grand" hibiscus. I bought this darling for nearly a song early in the summer. It has brought me much pleasure. I plan to prune it back some and bring it into the house for the winter and sit it in a sunny window in my dining room. It would not survive our winter outside.

If you double click the photo of this hibiscus plant you will be able to see more clearly the pair of angels sitting near the edge of the pot in front. After both my parents passed away, I spied this figurine at a garden shop. It reminded me of my parents. So I bought it in honor of them. They loved their flowers.

Fall is coming with all its brilliant colors. Although I will miss my summer days, I look forward to fall. I am a four-season gal. I like them all even winter with the challenges it presents. I thank the Lord for it all.