Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

I am late with this post due to computer problems. But I wanted to say a few things about America before the day is over.

I love America. To me it is an idea that became a nation of people from all over the world. As Americans we have no tie to any one particular ethnic group. We are a conglomerate of ethnic groups. This makes America and Americans special in this world of many nations.

Today my husband and I enjoyed an afternoon at Cantigny Park. We spread our blanket out under some large trees and feasted on a picnic lunch while we listened to the band playing and watched people from all sorts of ethnic groups strolling across the large open lawn between us and the band. It was an American afternoon on a very special American day.

Ending on a light note, America is a young nation. This really hit home when my husband reminded me that he and I have been around more than one fourth as long as this nation. Ha! He just had to tell me that.

Happy 4th of July!