Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why I believe in the Resurrection

Darius, who left a comment regarding my Easter Greetings post, wants to know why I believe in the Resurrection.

I can't give him scientific reasons as to why. I can't provide a philosophical argument to justify my belief, and Christian Apologetics is beyond my scope of knowledge. What I would tell him resides in my heart.

Yesterday in the Catholic tradition, my grandson Nikolas received his First Communion. He was one among several children to receive it that day.

According to the ritual of the Mass, the bread and the wine were presented to the priest to be blessed and transformed into the body and blood of our Lord. One of the communicants, a little girl, carried the bread and Nikolas carried the wine down the long aisle to the priest who waited at the altar. Even though he was apprehensive, Nikolas carried the glass vessel of wine carefully and cautiously with respect. He did it with dignity and import. He displayed an emerging sense of the Sacred.

His success is meaningful to me for reasons that reside in my heart.

So it is with the Resurrection. I believe in it for reasons that reside in my heart, Darius. And one of those reasons is my grandson Nikolas.

In the words of Pascal, "The heart has its reasons that reason does not know at all."