Friday, January 23, 2009

Cooking 101 with Jackie and Nana

Several months ago I promised to post something about the cooking lesson I gave Jackie, one of my granddaughters, in the summer of 2007. I taught her how to prepare the chicken and rice dish most veteran cooks are familiar with. We invited her family over for dinner that night. She has six brothers and sisters. The table was packed. It was fun. We took pictures of the event which I turned into a photoshow put to music. I got a little goofy with embellishments to the photoshow and that made my music selection of one of Bach's Preludes most appropriate. The musical piece has a silly touch to it.

The photoshow is more enjoyable when viewed with a full screen. So be sure to choose that "full screen" option. Also, if the music is muted, you can easily change it by pressing the sound icon. You sure don't want to miss out on Bach's psychotic accompaniment to this dubious masterpiece of mine.

Hope you like this.


P.S. I am trying to ease back into blogging without it swallowing up too much of my time. Wish me luck.