Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sad Day For Mugsy!


I'm forlorn!

She remained in a stupor, that SusieQ,
Induced by yesterday's feast.
Sprawled out on the sofa, she snored away
Not one concern in the least.

It occurred to me "What an opportune time
To email a friend or two!"
So I scampered along to the den in haste
Without further ado.

I pounced on her chair in front of the screen
And began to paw at the mouse
When what should come up but Susie's blog
Where I learned I live with a LOUSE!

Yes, a LOUSE! I say! SusieQ's a LOUSE!
Not once has she mentioned her Mugs
Though she writes about everything else in the world.
So much for her kisses and hugs!

And rightfully so, I'd say.
Afterall I'm simply a FANTASTIC cat
That's PERFECT in every way.

In fact, I believe I deserve a blog
Devoted strictly to me
Where Susie would write post after post
About moi exclusively.

Fat chance for that. Her true colors she's shown.
That idea I can shelf.
Hey! I don't need her. I can get the word out.
I can start a blog myself!

Hm! How shall I fit this blogging thing in
With all that I have to do
Such as primping and purring and lounging in sinks
And eyeing that cockatoo?

I'll give it some thought, this blogging thing
For the world has a right to know
About the most wonderful cat on this earth
Though SUZE may not think it's so.

Wow! I'm tired of all this rhyming and stuff.
It's time to put it to bed.
So, I think I will go to my slumbering Suze
And recline on the LOUSE'S head!

Good Night All!


  1. Mugsy is a talented cat.. I assume male? very handsome too..

  2. L/M, there really is a Mugsy in my life. But the cat in the photo is not him. I got the photo off the Internet at a freebie site.

    The real Mugsy is a gray Persian cat. He was a member of our household for several years. But he lives with our younger daughter today across town. We cat sit him now and then when our daughter and her family are out of town.

    He was the inspiration for this poem. He used to lounge around in our bathroom sinks I assume to stay cool during the summer months.

    This poem is an offshoot of one I wrote several years ago when I was involved in SeniorNet. I had this exchange going between Mugsy (me) and an author of children's books. The exchange was in the form of poetry and this author was gifted at poetry. I worked my hind end off trying to keep up with her which I was not able to do of course. We had fun though.

  3. Mugsy has a lovely owner, who has such a beautiful and unique voice.

    It is so great when our amimals can become our muses.

    Thank you for all your kind, supportive words on my blog.

  4. Oh, Mugsy! You have a right to be outraged. Felines are obviously superior to humans, but they don't seem to get it.

    Your friend,
    (feline daughter of Meegan)

  5. Thanks Barbara. Yes, about pets being our muses. I've got a collie named Max waiting in the wings to be my next muse. As you know, I love your blog and all your thought provoking posts.

    Meegan, ever since your Sophie wrote Mugsy that sweet little note, he's hardly eaten a bite. I think he must be lovesick. Expect an "Ode to Sophie" to show up here one day from Mugsy. Ah! another budding Internet romance underway.

  6. Hi! have come to visit your 'Pie in the Sky' blog & leave a gesture of friendship. A quote or 2 to express my feelings;
    "Not only humble but umble, which I look upon to be the comparative, or, indeed, superlative degree." ANTHONY TROLLOPE (Doctor Thorne)[1858]
    "I ate umble pie with an appetite." CHARLES DICKENS (David Copperfield)
    Umbley yours, L>T
    P.S. if you don't know what 'umble' is look it up. Nasty stuff!

  7. L>T, no need to eat any of that nasty "umble pie."

    Yes, I looked it up for the ingredients. I'd have to be awfully hungry to find that dish appealing.

    Thanks for dropping by. You all come back friend!