Friday, June 30, 2006

With Abandon

With abandon I go
Into the Sweet Night
Feeling my way along
Trusting the Dark
Tasting its fruit
Waiting for Dawn to break
And fill me with Light


  1. Sounds good unless you're going to be gone a really long time...

  2. I'm holding my water again to see what this is about.

    Unlike most of other blogs that comment on I care very much about and have great respect for the words and thoughts that are posted here.

  3. Your poem reminds me of those warm
    summer nights under a full moon that
    I am so fond of. I wish I had written
    this poem.

  4. What I had in mind when I wrote this poem was the dark night of the soul. It is about spiritual growth.

    Anyone who has done much soul searching knows that it is like being in the dark, like feeling your way along in the dark. This can be frightening, because you might learn something you don't want to learn. But we can trust the dark in this case. It is where we get our most valuable education about ourselves and our spirituality. The dark holds the promise of the light. Or so it seems to me.

    Darius, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I would not want to spend an eternity in the dark.

    JG, thanks for your vote of confidence in me and what I write. I hope I make sense most of the time and that what I write is worthwhile and somehow uplifting. I know that you understand what I am talking about here with the soul searching. Do you think I made my point well enough in the poem?

    Sharon, I love summer nights under a full moon too. In fact this is where I do most of my soul searching...outside in the evening. If I have the benefit of a full moon, my soul searching seems to go that much better.

  5. I understand going on with abandon alright. Trusting the dark was diificult at times but there was always the faith that guided and comforted. I understand very much about seraching the soul looking for answers. Your poem says a lot about your strength of character.

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