Monday, August 07, 2006

Coming Soon - Rascals, Inc.

Trouble and Trouble-ette
(Cousin Jimmy and me)

World War II had just ended when our parents decided to become restauranteurs and open The 54 Diner. Rascals, Inc. came into existence shortly afterwards. It was the natural outcome of giving two six-year-olds complete freedom nearly to do exactly what they pleased while the parents worked the whole day long dishing up food for hungry truckers.

Although our antics produced no permanent harm to anyone and we all made it out of that period of time alive, it is not a pretty story. Certainly it is not a story that children 13 and under should read.

The ugly details are coming soon. But don't hold your breath; I'm a busy woman lately!


  1. I'll be waiting to hear some stories Susie. Those are the kind of things that build character and for the relatively short time we been conversing and I've been reading your blog I understand that you have plenty of character :-)

  2. welcome back,Susie..And taking one month gap is really not nice...
    keep blogging
    take care

  3. A story about two six year olds that children under 13 shouldn't read... I'm reminded of a friend in h.s. who told me how when he was little, he and his siblings would take turns putting each other in the drier to get dizzy when their mom wasn't around... There are certain things kids that age can come up with that yeah, you don't really want to be teaching to the next generation!

  4. JG, thanks for the compliment about my having character. I don't think what cousin Jimmy and I did contributed to any building of character though. I was lucky the nuns got a hold of me in first grade and changed the direction I was headed in life. :-)

    Gangadhar, you are such a prolific writer. It takes me a week to get a paragraph together. :-)

    Darius, Ha! Ha! Ha! The drier story cracked me up. I've heard of kids sticking the family cat in the drier and turning it on, but never their sibling.

  5. Best regards from NY! »