Sunday, June 24, 2007

Coming soon - SANCTUARY

"The Amen! of Nature is always a flower."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

I've been working on a post of many photos taken of our flowers and yard. I thought I might be able to finish it tonight and post it to my blog. Unfortunately, my Broadband connection with its high speed turned dysfunctional on me leaving me with my very slow dial-up connection which is incapable of handling the load. This happens way too often, this loss of my Broadband connection. Eventually it will start working again...out of the blue. I will have to wait on it, the temperamental thing.

In the meantime, enjoy this one photo I have up for you of one of our perky-faced daisies. Please give the photo a click so that you can see an enlargement of it. Those are raindrops you see clinging to its petals. The photo was taken just after a nice rain.

Till Broadband returns.....


  1. PS - I just have dial-up myself and it seems like it takes forever to upload photos and music.

  2. Nice pic-very nice!
    I have the slow dial up at home and hope to get something else soon, but this type of discussion moves at dial up speed around my house.
    Anxiously awaiting some more pics.

  3. Ours does that, too. Then we call Comcast and they say something vague like, "Looks fine from our end. We'll send a technician out tomorrow." Then later that night it works and the technician comes for no reason. That happens about once a month. Sometimes unplugging the modem solves the problem, but other times it's just a hitch in the cyber giddy-up.

  4. I love the raindrops on the petals!
    I imagine it's hard to switch from broadband to dialup. I would find it hard to go back and forth :)

  5. Isn't technology wonderful? I'm wondering if its not related to sunspots. I seem to be having trouble getting distant radio stations to come in lately; which I normally can hear clearly!
    But you have no trouble with your camera . . . nice field of focus.

  6. Try resetting your modem Susie.

    The Lilly

    The modest Rose puts forth a thorn,
    The humble Sheep a threat'ning horn;
    While the Lilly white shall in Love delight,
    Nor a thorn, nor a threat, stain her beauty bright.

    William Blake

    I know that's not a lily Susie but your Orange Daisy is a very beautiful and that is a wonderful close up.

    You wouldn't believe the garden I was in on Saturday at the Swarthmore College, Scott Arboretum. The campus is immaculate and the scent of the lilies and other flowers was almost intoxicating.

    I hope you get your connection back soon. I'd like to see more of those photos.

  7. Last spring I took pictures of all
    the flowers in the yard as they came into bloom. They are still on the camera.
    Your picture has reminded me to print the good ones. Otherwise, they will be lost forever.
    I can't imagine living in a world
    absent of the color and beauty of
    nature, especially flowers.

    Broadband? high speed? What's that?
    Just kidding. We will likely never
    have anything but dial up out here
    in the recently proclaimed Wildlife

    I've learned to be patient.
    Technology has a mind of it's own.

  8. That is the most perfect flower I have ever seen. And... it's my favorite color.



  9. Crystal: Thanks for stopping by. I was planning on posting several photos, not just one. I am working on it though in spite of continued troubles with Broadband.

    Wreckless: Hope you get high speed soon at your house. It sure makes a difference and saves time. Maybe that could be your argument. It would save you time that you in turn could use to paint the house or do other things on the Honey-do list I am sure you have.

    Tom (Patterns): We have Comcast too for our high speed. The last time I called them for help, they sent me to Gateway in Canada instead. Gateway would not help me unless I bought some kind of service from them. Bah! Like I need this stuff to happen. I am thinking of suggesting to Comcast that they change the name they use in their TV jingle from
    "Comcastic" to "Comcatastrophe."
    I should write their jingles. I think I am qualified given my experience with their service.

    Susie: Thanks. Yes, I love the raindrops on the petals too. I can't take credit for that shot. My hubby captured it.

    Goatman: Technology is great when it is doing what you want it to do. But, gracious, does it ever have a mind of its own.

    JG: I have tried many things in order to restore my Broadband service. The computer I use, our PC, relies on a wireless connection. I think what is happening is that I lose the signal periodically. Usually if I go to the little box Comcast set up for us and stick the sharp end of a paper clip in this itty bitty hole in the back of it like Comcast told me to do, it resets it and supposedly restores my signal sooner or later. It is this sooner or later that makes me wonder just what it is that restores the signal. It may not be my paper clip maneuver that does it.

    Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

    Sharon: I can't imagine a world without the beauty of color, scent, shape and form which nature provides us. Tell your hubby to get you set up so that you can store your camera shots on your computer. With the proper software you can go in and edit the photos or do some really creative things with them.

    Josie: Your favorite color is orange? I would have never guessed. Personally, I like all the colors. But if I had to choose, I suppose I would choose green, because it goes with every other color.

    To everyone: I am still having problems with my Broadband connection. But I still have managed to download all the photos I intend to use in my Sanctuary post. Now I am having trouble with Blogspot. Last night I lost everything I had written in the two hours I worked on the accompanying script. I lost it even though Blogspot automatically saves everything every minute and even though I went to the trouble myself of hitting the save icon. But by hook or by crook, I am determined to get this post completed and up on my blog...sooner or later. Never give up, never give up, never give up! Somebody famous said that. Who though? I think a military person like a general.

  10. Just so lovely...daisies are my favorite flower. To paraphrase the line in "You've Got Mail", "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" *smile*

    Such a beautiful picture...


  11. "Never give up." I think it was
    Winston Churchill.