Monday, July 16, 2007

Tag Time - 8 Random Facts About Myself

Tom from Patterns of Ink has tagged me. I am supposed to write 8 things about myself in a post. (Gee, thanks Tom. I like to write about myself.) Also, I am to list the rules of the tag before proceeding. Here are the rules which I copied from Tom's post and pasted below.

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. 4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. 5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.


1. At the age of 2, maybe a little older, I left home to see the world. My parents were sick with worry as they combed our small town searching for me that day. They drove around and around looking for me. "Have you seen a little girl in a red velvet coat?" they'd ask people they had stopped. Finally they spotted me walking out of the post office. In those days, we picked up our mail at the post office. There was no home delivery. Maybe I was expecting a letter from someone like...Santa Claus maybe.

2. White Shoulders has been my signature perfume since I was a teenager. It still excites my husband whenever I wear it. Potato salad is my signature dish. Now that the two of us are older, my potato salad excites him more than my White Shoulders. As they say "The way to a man's heart...."

3. I sang on the radio and cut a record when I was in high school. My friend Sue and I entered a local talent contest with our rendition of the Patience and Prudence song Gonna Get Along Without You Now which was recorded in 1956. We won second place locally and went on to the next level which was to sing on the radio. We didn't place at that level, but we did walk away with a record which was cut at the studio the day we sang.

4. I was a delegate to Girls State when I was in high school.

5. I won third place at Rend Lake College for a fiction piece I wrote several years ago. The story was based on a true experience I had as a child. Rend Lake College is where I met my friend Sharon who leaves comment here now and then.

6. According to aptitude tests I took in college, I should have studied to be an architectural engineer. But I didn't. Most of the jobs I have held have been secretarial in nature.

7. I am a Foodie. I like to eat. I like to cook. I like to look at food. I like to read about food. I like to shop for food. I like to watch cooking shows on TV. I like to learn about food and its history. I have a huge collection of recipes I have printed off the Internet. I have a large jelly cabinet that is full of nothing but cookbooks. Our grandson Ricky (age 6) told me recently, "Nana, you are the best cook in the world." He has limited experience of course.

8. I still have the rocky horse that my paternal grandfather bought for me shorty after I was born. When our first grandchild was born, my father restored the rocky horse. Below is a photo of our first grandchild, Tali, riding the trusty steed from yesteryear.
On her trusty steed with straw hat on her head
Miss Tali had gone to town before bed
To buy herself a spankin' new hat
A ten gallon one! What you think about that?

And here she is in her spankin' new hat!


These are the bloggers I am tagging. I am limited and can't come up with the 8 that is required, because almost every blogger I know has already been tagged for these things. Here is my list:

1. Crystal at Perspective. She is a beautiful young woman who writes intelligently about spiritual things.

2. Lucy at Lucy's Frugal Living. Lucy has all sorts of tips at her blog for saving money, saving time, improving health, and enhancing your general living experience.

3. Sharon at (no blog yet). She doesn't have a blog yet, but maybe this will encourage her to get one established. Otherwise, she can list her 8 random facts about herself in a comment to this post. Sharon is one of my best friends. We have a friendship that spans decades now. Although we are hundreds of miles apart, we keep our friendship going. She's been a shoulder to cry on when I have needed one over the years.

4. Wreckless at Greenpiece. This guy is funny!!! He is an elementary teacher who is all guy. He loves living and loves his family. Check him out!

5. Kelly at Full Metal Attorney. Kelly is a new father. His little boy was born the latter part of May. Since then Kelly has been very busy giving his son swimming lesson in the bathtub and feeding Russell his dog cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (ha...ha, check out Kelly's YouTube video of his dog). So he has not had much time to devote to blogging lately. But I might be able to coax him into doing this "8 random facts about himself" thing. I met Kelly at The Language Guy where lively debates used to take place. He is an excellent debater. Smart young man.

6. Susie Q (the other one) at the very charming Rabbit Run Cottage. You have to visit Susie Q's blog and see all her collections (bears and giraffes to name just a few.) She has a ton of them. She is a delight to read. She writes like a pixie. Nice photos too.

7. Rosanne at Smokey Mountain Breakdown. Check out her Porn Food Friday for some great down home recipes. Don't you just love that title though? Rosanne is a writer. She also raises goats. Odd combination, but it works for her. Not from those parts originally, she writes about the people who live there and that culture. She also writes some interesting fiction.

8. I need a volunteer to fill this spot. Anyone interested?


  1. Oh that rocky horse is adorable and such a treasure! But then, your grand daughter is also adorable and a real treasure! : )

    Loved your list...I laughed out loud when I read about the White Shoulders and potato salad! T'ain't it the truth!

    I would love to do this random list! I will on Wednesday okay? You honor me by your description! : )

    Have a sweet Tuesday!


  2. Great list! Thanks for tagging me. I'll try to get to it soon!

    So sorry I haven't been making my usual rounds. Things have been sort of stressful and I've been bad about making my visits.



  3. SusieQ, White Shoulders used to be my signature perfume as well, and then I discovered Halston, which I like as well.

    And, I used to LOVE "Gonna Get Along Without You Now".
    Got along without you before I met you
    Gonna get along without you now
    Gonna find somebody who's twice as cute
    Cause I didn't like you anyhow.

    My other favorite song about a million years ago was "Born Too Late" by the Ponytails. Check out this link. You might recognize some of these songs.


  4. Potato salad! I can't make potato salad, just like to eat it :-) I also liked White Shoulders. Thanks for tagging me, Susie.

  5. I see you survived your weekend--bet it was wonderful with the all that company. On behalf of the hundreds tagged with this MEME ahead of you, thanks to you and those you tagged for keeping it alive.
    Great list. White Shoulders and Heaven Sent are the only two perfumes I can readily recognize in the air.
    Singer, artist (last winter's post), cook, Girls State rep--great résumé, but the best role is summed in three huge little words:
    wife, mom, Nana.
    I love old toys. Great pix!

  6. Susie Q (the other one): I am so glad you want to do this random list. I know that some people have been meme'd to death and I didn't want to put anyone on the spot with another. I look forward to reading about you.

    Our granddaughter Tali (baby in the rocky horse) is 17 years old now. The rocky horse is, well, old. If you have read many of my posts though, you know that I am 67. I have no idea how that happened. Sometimes I feel like I am still 25.

    Rosie: I look forward to reading your random list. I know you have had lots to deal with lately. No need to apologize for anything. I can't keep up with all the blogs either. I don't know how others are able to write a post every day and then get around to visit everyone else's blogs.

    Kelly: I read your random list and left you a long comment. As I said, I do not understand how anyone (you) can hate tomatoes with a "burning fiery passion." But then that is how I feel about Okra. I anxiously wait for that Full Metal Chili recipe of yours. Thanks for participating.

    Josie: I went looking for Halston today, but couldn't find it. It is amazing how many women used White Shoulders. Years ago when I was active in Seniornet I met a writer from Connecticut who, upon learning that I had used White Shoulders all my life, called me on the phone one day. In fact it was her favorite perfume too.

    I sang duets with my friend Sue on other occasions, too. One time we sang Singing In The Rain together in front of the entire school. I'll be sure to check out that Jukebox link you gave me. Thanks.

    Crystal: The art of making potato salad, I think, is in the technique. I use a standard recipe, but my mother is the one who taught me the technique. Thanks for participating in the random list. I have read yours and left you a long comment.

    Tom (Patterns): Yes, that is some resume I have there. I do love being a wife, mom, and nana more than anything else. It has been very fulfilling. In high school the opportunities abound for getting involved in a variety of things. I tried everything from singing to acting to writing to leadership roles. I tried everything except sports. I have no ability when it comes to sports. On a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest, I was a minus 5 in sports in high school.

    Putting together this random list of facts about myself turned out to be fun. Thanks for tagging me. We'll have to do this again sometime...say in 10 years? Just kidding. ;-)

  7. I'll wait until it starts to dip below 60 degrees before I post my chili recipe.

    Potato salad query: Do you use chopped sweet pickles in the recipe? My wife loves it that way, but I really don't care for it.

  8. Kelly, this fall maybe we can have a chili cook-off. It just so happens that I make a terrific chili myself. At least it has received rave reviews from family members.

    Potato salad answer: Chopped sweet pickles, or sweet pickle relish is optional. I don't put any in mine though.

  9. I will try and come up with eight
    things in the short time I have, and
    before the internet connection times
    out and all is lost.

    1. The raspberry ice cream I remember from the small stand on east
    main in Benton when I was a child was
    the best ever. On one trip to town
    with my grandparents, I actually ate
    two double dippers. That was a treat.

    2. Right now blackberries are in
    season. We have a few beside the
    yard. As a child I picked black0
    berries one summer to help pay for
    the harness for the ponies so we
    could drive them to a cart my dad
    and grandfather made.

    3. I have a passion for people and
    animals with good hearts.

    4. My first cat was solid black
    and her name was Midnight. I think
    my uncle named her.

    5. There were twelve of us in my
    eighth grade graduating class from Akin Grade School.

    6. I worked as a Medical Secretary
    for 10 years.

    7. I recently joined the Southern
    Ill. Writer's Guild. I hope they
    will help to inspire me. If not,
    the meetings have been entertaining
    and I have met some nice people.

    8. Glacier National Park in Montana is the most beautiful place
    I have ever been privileged to visit. My aunt and uncle took me
    there along with my sister and their two children some thirty years ago. I hope I get to go back
    some day. I hope all of you get to
    go some day as well.

  10. I loved your line about White Shoulders and potato salad. Glad to hear you're a foodie.

  11. Susie said...According to aptitude tests I took in college, I should have studied to be an architectural engineer.

    It appears you have applied your aptitude to other areas that are just as challenging and important.

  12. Sharon: Thanks for going along with this tag and submitting your 8 random facts in a comment. Raspberry ice cream is one of those foods that I place high on my list of favorites.

    Your 8th grade graduating class was small, but it was lots larger than the 8th grade classes that graduated from Gene's two-room grade school he attended in SO. Illinois before moving up north. I can just see you picking all those blackberries. Maybe you don't know this, but when we lived down there we went blackberry picking a lot. I put up many jars of jams and froze a bunch of the berries for pies.

    Rhea: Thanks for stopping by. Actually I am not a foodie in the true sense of the word the way I understand it. Foodies are usually culinary avant-gardists who are seeking the latest food thrills. I still get a thrill out of a bowl of creamy oatmeal.

    Jenni: Imagine me wearing a hard hat and steel-toed shoes and overseeing the construction of a big office building. I can't imagine it myself. I think I must have been cut out to do other things instead.

  13. After seeing all the beautiful pictures of your house and property Susie, I'd say you were a Landscaping Designer. That's big business out here in the counties surrounding Philadelphia. I can see you with a clipboard and plans directing a crew where to put trees and shrubs and getting some mud on your shoes and a bit of dirt and mulch on your slacks.