Monday, August 20, 2007

Photo Prelude

September 1 update: The photo show is not working at this time. I am in the process of trying to repair it. I think the problem exists with the source itself which is the Walgreen's Photoshow site. (Well, whadda ya know, it is working now. How 'bout that!)

This is a short photo prelude, set to music, to the story about my grandfather and his twin brother when they were children.

The photo show, which is similar to YouTube, is a new element I am introducing to my blog. I am hoping my readers will welcome this enhancement. Personally, I am excited about its creative possibilities.

For those of you who rely on a dial-up connection, the load time for the photo show may exceed your connection capabilities. I hope not. High speed connections should be able to handle it fine. In any case, if after activating the photo show, you receive an error message and you are told to "try again", do just that and you will be taken to a larger screen where the load time should be tolerable.

The musical piece, Blessed is the Man, which I have selected for this photo show is performed by the St. Eliyah Children's Choir of Kyiv. Their young voices remind me of angels.

Please give me some honest feedback on the photo show enhancement so that I will know whether or not it is a good idea to incorporate it into a few of my posts now and then.

I hope to have the story itself completed by the weekend. I have been trying to do a little research on the early 1900's and farm life back then.


  1. Susie, That was great! I had to reload and use medium sized because I have DSL. The music and the pictures went very well together. Something told me to stop over here before I went to sleep. Glad I did. I'm going to have put one of these together for my Mom. Thanks.


  2. You're becoming quite a technophile! Really looks good. Wasn't up to the struggle to hear the audio, I have all I can do to type... so just don't go too high tech on me!

  3. Okay... I am officially impressed. The lady who taught me how to make text links in comments is still leading the way. Those wedding Youtube clips were done by my bother. I still haven't figured that out.
    J_G showed me how to put audio on a blog, but I was not able to do that. J_G, if you read this, and SQ, if you know how to do it... How does a person make an audio clip play as background music to a specific post. I need the audio clip of "Hold Tight" by the Andrews Sisters for an upcoming post.
    Anyway, great post!

  4. Jenni, thanks. I know some readers will have trouble loading the images. I hope they don't give up, but "try again" when that message comes on the screen, because it will take them to the Walgreen's site where the images download easier and they are larger to boot. I hope you do put together something. There is a lot you can do in creating these photoshows including adding animated clip art and captions. I have come up with some hilarious stuff for the family's enjoyment.

    Paul, I was so hoping you would be able to view the photo show, music and all. But I understand your limitations. We do what we can and that is that. Right?

  5. How wonderful and wow am I impressed with your skill! This was such a delight and so interesting! I loved it.

    More soon...


  6. Wow impressive! Nicely done-I love seeing old photos, there seems to be so much in them, history, mystique...

  7. SusieQ you are one sharp lady... I am so impressed with your talent! I really love this aspect of blogging- learning something new... not that I will be able to do it but at least I know it is out there! I have a twins blog up today too- now wonder what's up with that.

  8. SusieQ, that was extraordinary. Can you imagine those two little boys knowing that a century later, they would be honored with a tribute like that, in little "window boxes" that sit in people's homes, and everyone in the world could look at?

    They would have been amazed...!

  9. It's way over my head, but I do enjoy watching it....I just wish there had been more pictures.

  10. The changes you made since the original post worked great. The application loaded right up and it displayed rather quickly. Nice job Susie! Oh by the way. Your Grandparents were a very handsome couple, I loved that picture! The dress your Great Grandmother Julia was wearing is absolutely beautiful.

  11. Susie Q (the other one): Thanks. I hope the images loaded properly for you. I have had some trouble with an earlier version of the twins photo show loading instead of the one I finally chose. It is some kind of glitch in the Walgreen's software or website...don't know which. But I think I do know how to avoid it next time. I see you have music playing at your blog. Jenni (JG) tried to show me how to get that on my blog, but I think it was over my head at the time.

    Wreckless: Thanks for stopping by and for your compliments. I know school is starting (has started ?) for you and you will be busy with all of that. I hope you can still squeeze in time for your blogging buddies though.

    Nancy: Thanks so much for your words. It is fun to find out what else you can add to your blog to enhance it. I am sure more things are coming down the pike too.

    Josie: I have thought the same thing about the twins and my great grandparents. I imagine that they are looking down from above on all of this and getting the biggest charge out of it. The twins are so precious looking in these photos. I just want to reach right in there and hug them tight.

    Lucy: I wonder if the wrong version of the twins photo show loaded for you and not the one that is supposed to load. See my comment to the other Susie Q above.

    Jenni: I am wondering if you, too, had a problem with the wrong verion loading. See what I have written to Susie Q and Lucy above. You would have loved my Great-grandmother Julia. She was petite as you can see in the photo, but she was a fireball full of energy. She kept mental tabs on all her descendants and was able to recite birthdays, marriages, and on and on even into her nineties. She was all about family.

    To everyone: Adding the photo show to my blog was a walk in the park. All I had to do was copy a short line of code from the Walgreen's website according to their simple instructions and then paste it in the "edit html" section of the post I was working on. Creating the photo show it was more difficult, but certainly not above anyone's head here. Give it whirl.

  12. Whoops! I missed Tom (Patterns of Ink). I wish I could help you figure out how to get music on your blog, but I can't. As I told the other Susie Q above, Jenni sent me instructions, but they were above my head at the time. Maybe if she offers an online course in it (I'd pay money to learn how), we can both get some music at our blogs. Oh, and thanks for the acolades, but as I said in my previous comment, it was really a walk in the park to add the photo show to my blog.

  13. I love it! Keep up the great work!

  14. Leslie, thanks. And thanks for stopping by. Expect a visit from me at your blog.