Monday, January 08, 2007

The Bridge

This evening after my husband came home from work, we were talking to each other in the kitchen while I finished preparing supper. All of a sudden he said "Next year I want to take you back to that bridge where I first kissed you, and kiss you there again."

Next summer it will be fifty years since he kissed me for the first time.
We were strangers then and we were strangers when we married. But over the years we have built a bridge to each other so that now we can say we are no longer strangers, but one with each other.

A person can say too much about an intimate relationship that spans fifty years. I could ruin it with too many words and cheapen the intimacy that has developed between us and belongs to us alone. So, I will keep my memories hidden from others and remember in private the times we have been together as husband and wife and the beauty of it all.

A few weeks after we were married, my husband was shipped to Pakistan where he spent close to eighteen months while serving in the Air Force. Shortly after he left, I took the hankerchief which I had carried with me on our wedding day and I sprinkled my perfume all over it. Then I boxed it up and mailed it to him. He brought it home with him. I still have that hankerchief. When we go next year to the bridge where we first kissed, I will give him that hankerchief again.


  1. Beautiful story. Discreetly told. Definitly go to that bridge.

  2. Thanks, Patterns. My husband also wants to take me down to Biloxi, Mississippi and show me the place where he wrote his proposal letter to me. He was stationed down there in basic training with the Air Force at the time. I was in college.

    When I received his letter in which he proposed, I became hysterical I was so excited. My roommates did not know what was wrong with me until they read the letter. Then we all danced around like a bunch of school girls. Oh, yeah, that is what we girls! Anyway, it was one of the most exciting days in my entire life.

  3. What a lovely post,Susie..and my hearty wishes to both of you..
    .. it will be fifty years since he kissed me for the first time...congrats!! You're a lovely couple,really..
    It's so cute @ kerchief thing..

    My love to all of ya..

  4. Thanks, Ganga, for coming all the way from India :-) to visit my blog. It never fails that your comments are always so sweet and kind.

  5. Gosh Susie, it's a storybook romantic tale. I don't know what took me so long to get over here but as usual you tell a wonderful story.

  6. Thanks, JG. My husband is a romantic as you can tell. He's a good man. He is respected and loved by many people.

    I should have let you know that I had something new at my blog. You probably gave up on me.

  7. You already know how fortunate you are. It warms my heart and gives me great hope and inspiration to hear such things still go on. By the way, does your husband have any brothers or single nephews;-)

  8. What a beautiful and romantic story! I just have to share mine!

    I was a merchant seaman in port when I met my bride. I was the deck boss of a trans-ocean tug at the time, and my first mate and I had gone ashore to stretch our legs for a bit and have a pint or two of stout. I finished my last glass and turned to leave and there she was.

    I just saw those striking blue-gray eyes looking up at me from the most angelic face I had ever seen. I still remember the way she tilted her head as she looked up at me and the cute way that her nose kind of wrinkled when she laughed (because she had startled me). She was tiny, she was stunningly beautiful, and she was askin' me to dance. I was gone. I mean, I was completely love-struck and instantly mad about her.

    My wife and I met and married within 2-1/2 month span of time, and I was at sea for better than half of that. Seems extremely reckless of us, I know. But I knew that if I let her get away, I would be the biggest slack-jawed mouth-breathing idiot in the history of mankind.

    Well, that was nearly 18 years ago, and I can still look at her from across a room and just fall for her all over again when she wrinkles her nose with that laugh that sounds like the angels singing. And she's even prettier now than when I met her. I am still a love-stuck fellow.

  9. NurseWilliam, your story about what it was like when you saw your wife for the first time is also romantic and touching. Thanks for sharing it.

    I look at my husband of almost 45 years and I still see that beautiful young man I fell in love with. He was quite the looker back then and is today as well. He tells me that he still sees the same girl in me.

    LB, thanks for dropping by. I wish I could tell you that my husband has available brothers or nephews, but they are all taken. BTW, when is the next ancient secret going to be revealed? I've been checking almost every day.

  10. I do have a story for "Ancient Secrets" Susie. I find that every time I need some time to develop it something else always comes up. I'll post a link to it here when I get it posted ;-)

  11. LB, I'll be to your Ancient Secret blog in a jiffy. I'm on my way.

  12. I feel silly now.. had no idea blogger had so many blogs. I guess I should have figured since I found out it is owned by google. I thought I'd be the only one out there. Thanks for the site.. here's mine >>> fireplace hearth

  13. You've been spammed Susie. What jerks. I have an idea for spammers but it may not be legal I'm checking into it now.

  14. You sound like an awfully lucky woman!

  15. Rhea, yes I am a lucky woman. Thanks for stopping by.

    JG, I looked back at some of my old posts and discovered that I have lots of spam related comments that came late and went unnoticed by me. I suppose I need to get rid of them.

  16. Hey Susie,

    I have been thinking about you of late. I should have known there was
    something new.
    Your story exemplifies the warmth that I have always been drawn to in you and your family. It so reminds me of life at my grandparents farm.
    In their case I am not talking of
    romance. I am referring to a deep and abiding love that could always be counted on.
    For those who do not know, Mr. Susieq is one handsome guy and sweet
    to go with it.
    Will there be a follow up after a
    return visit to "the bridge" this
    summer? We all need to hear these
    stories of long-term romance. You
    have warmed my heart tonight.

  17. Beautiful story....Husbands and wives should have their own special moments that remind them of why they are together. I have been married for 35 years and I am grateful to God for giving me the husband that I have. Enjoy your kiss on the bridge. I'm glad that you still have that specail handkerchief to pass back to your husband.....

  18. Thanks Sharon and Lucy for your comments. I am struggling with a laptop keyboard right now (we're on vacation), so I will keep my reply short for now.

  19. Hi Susie!

    Congratulations, sounds like a great plan.

    - Paul aka "Darius" of possiblegospel now at originalfaith

  20. Thanks for stopping by, Paul aka Darius. Funny, but I had you pictured as a woman. I am glad to see you are back to blogging. I briefly visited your new blog and plan to return once I am home from vacation and back at my PC with its familiar curved keyboard. I hate the keyboard I have had to use with my laptop during our travels.

  21. I don't know how else to let you know that I "linked" to you and included a copy of your "Early Snow" in a post called "Cabin Fever." (Saturday, Feb. 17, 07)
    Hope you don't mind. Let me know if you'd like me to delete the picture. I'll understand.

  22. Patterns, I am flattered by your use of my oil painting in your post about cabin fever. You are free to use it, of course.

    Your post has served as an inspiration to me to write about my own experiences with two different kinds of cabin fever. I practically have it written with the comment I left at your blog. Stay tuned!

  23. ahhhhhhhhhh I LOVED this!!!!! truly absolutely LOVED this!!!!