Sunday, March 25, 2007



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Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


  1. has a tribute for Paul of spiritualdiablog and now in his new website Hope u can join us in this tribute and if you can helps us spread the word among his blog friends
    Thanks, see u there

  2. Can I relate! I have piles and piles. I am an organizational nightmare.
    Oh and by the way, I loved your whale response in my word game. In my mind-you win.

  3. A recent report on TV said that a
    messy desk is a sign of a genius
    at work. Do I feel better!
    I am starting to clean out. Does
    this mean I won't any longer be a

    Sharon R

  4. She's back!
    I must print this out. It's how my desk gets in one day if I don't stay on top of it.
    You are a faithful blog reader even in the weeks when you don't post. That's pretty remarkable.
    I hope spring is hitting the Chicagoland area as nicely as it is West Michigan.

  5. IAMNASRA, it is fitting that Paul be given a tribute. He is a talented writer. I envy his ability with imagery. Thanks for doing that for him.

    WRECKLESS, and you think my desk looks bad. You should see the storage room in my basement. It looks like a gigantic junk drawer.
    But maybe you have one of those too.

    SHARON, by all means, don't clean off your desk. I am under the impression that doing so will result in the loss of 50 I.Q. points. But, in your case, you can afford the loss since you already have so many. (wink...wink)I have sent you an email by the way.

    PATTERNS, I actually enjoy reading other people's blogs more than I do posting to mine. I think I like connecting up with people at their blogs and participating in online conversations, short as they tend to be.

    Yes, spring is promising to be a winner this year here in the Chicago area. Now that I have opened my big mouth, just watch a bitterly cold snow storm hit us.

  6. I guess I'm somewhat at the disadvantage. I find I must have everything very oraganized. Most everything has to have it's place. I'm nowhere near as bad about that as I used to be though. I do keep a record on legal pads of all the changes I have made to my computers and I have an address index card file next to my computer in case anything I get a crash and lose all my data. I back up all my data on a monthly schedule too. I have always been this way. All of my providers for health care, dental and home services hate me because I always have the paperwork back up when I point out their foul ups. I got this way because of my Dad. Thanks Dad;-)

  7. JG, now you are a woman I can admire. I love organization. I love the idea of a place for everything and everything in its place. With me, it is a matter of time, energy, and space that prevents me from being that organized. I seem to run out of all three.

    Part of my problem is that I am the business manager for my husband's agency. (Oh, the paperwork and in this day of so-called paperless operations. There is no such thing.) Consequently, my desk and surrounding area serves two purposes. Business and personal.

    But I think I want to hire you, JG, to come and clean up my messes.

  8. But where are the Two Piles of Unsorted Papers/Catalogs/Mail that Haven't Been Looked at for So Long I Have Only Really Vague Hunches about What They Might Contain?

    I always found these really useful as caches to look for stuff that I couldn't lay my hands on...

  9. DR SU, U 2? It must be contagious.

    PAUL, you want to know where I keep my two piles of unsorted papers/catalogs/mail etc.

    Well, if you must know, I keep them on my credenza along with: books I purchased and haven't read yet; blog notes; a stack of Cooking Light magazines; blog notes; a three-ring binder thick with recipes I printed off the Internet; blog notes; a pot full of pencils,pens, scissors, highlighters, gum stimulators, nail files and a comb; an old rinky-dink postage scale purchased when first class stamps were 20 cents (it still works); an empty container of Gary Null's Green Stuff that serves as a reminder to me to order more (been sitting there for six months); two kleenex boxes; blog notes.

    I do not wish to discuss my credenza any further.