Friday, May 11, 2007

If a 'gator knocks......

"UPS delivery!"

"Um.....Avon calling!"

"Ah...Pizza man!"


  1. WOW! what a neat picture. I have to worry about bears at my house but not gaters... that's a good thing! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I live in the Chicago area, so neither gators nor bears are any big threat here.

    I don't recall where in the Internet I came upon this photo of the alligator at the door, but it cracked me up when I saw it and I knew sooner or later I wanted to put it in a post with a caption of some kind underneath.

  3. Susie, That picture reminds me of a funny Saturday night live skit back when it was funny in the early 80s.

    There was a knock on the door, Gilda Radnor would ask who's there? In a muffled tone the voice behind the door, "land shark".

    Do you think that house is around the highway they call "alligator ally" in Florida?

    Funny stuff:-)

  4. JG, yes I remember that skit from Saturday Night Live. They played the theme song from the movie Jaws. So funny!

  5. Happy Mothers Day. Hope you have a good time with your children and grand children.

  6. I am with j_G. That is exactly what I thought of too. Land shark.