Monday, May 21, 2007

Original Hand-written Recipe

There is something very special about handwritten recipes. The writing seems almost an embodiment of the person. I thought you might like to see the Red Velvet Cake recipe my mother-in-law wrote by hand and gave to me years ago.

If you enlarge the photo by clicking it, you will see that the handwritten recipe bears the footprints, mostly in red, of Red Velvet Cakes I went on to make from it. You may also notice that I altered Mom's recipe due to an error she made regarding the amount of salt called for. You will see, too, that Mom suffered with arthritis.

My mother-in-law as a young woman.

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  1. I have the handwritten "crusty"- with-use recipe card of my Mom's banana cake. This is so cool. What beautiful pictures and people you've shared here!
    By the way, your comment at "Breath" reminded me of a song that's a fitting close to the post. I've added its lyrics and a link at the end. You'll enjoy it.