Friday, June 26, 2009

A floral feast for the eyes

Here are a few photos of my favorite flowers in my garden this year.

Below are two photos of my Heirloom Hollyhock known as Nigra Hollyhock made famous by Thomas Jefferson who cultivated them. As you can see, the deep purple flowers are almost black in color.

I was not able to catch the spectacular detail of the spikes of this astilbe plant.

My pretty pink impatiens.

My stunning salmon hibiscus.

(Double click each photo for a close-up.)


  1. So pretty! I've never seen any hollyhocks so dark. Mine are just pink and white. Beautiful hibiscus too.
    - Crystal

  2. Thanks for stopping by to see my Nigra hollyhock, Crystal. The hibiscus I bought for potting this spring was a steal at $35. I should have bought 2 more of them. The flowers are gorgeous and the plant is super healthy.

  3. These are just lovely. I am adoring being in my garden right now and savoring each new beauty that is coming up. Right now, my pale pink climbing roses are a riot of color and smell. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your garden for us to enjoy! Blessings.

  4. They are a relaxing sight, even just seeing them in photos.

    After all this time, I just noticed you're in Chicago. I lived there for a year when I got my degree at U of Chicago but there was so much studying I hardly got out of my room. Got downtown exactly twice! So never got a feel for anywhere except the area right around campus...

  5. Beautiful flowers.... I wish I spent more time in my garden....

  6. Jan: Thanks for stopping by to look at some of my flowers.

    We had a new deck built to replace the original deck which was 20 years old and showing its age. The new deck includes a gazebo where I am able to display several hanging plants. This deck is one reason I have been absent from many of my favorite blogs lately, yours included. In mid July I was able to buy four hanging plants at an incredibly low price ($6 each). Two are vining geraniums which have taken off beautifully due to my tender loving care, I like to think.

    Like you, I enjoy my flowers. Each day I go out and fuss over them.

  7. Paul: Thanks for stopping by. I have never lived in Chicago proper, only on the fringes here and there over the years. It is a beautiful city downtown near the lake. Oddly enough we do not take advantage of the many cultural experiences available in Chicago. We keep promising ourselves that we are going to do this and that, but never get around to it.

  8. Lucy: If I had the time, I would be spending most of my day outside with my flowers and plants. I like working with them.