Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Mosaic - One With All

My son the artist is pictured below with the mosaic he created for author Brian McClure. I have no idea how many pieces went into this mosaic, but I can assure you it was thousands. The theme of the mosaic is one of universal unity. For a close-up, be sure to enlarge the photos by double clicking on them.


  1. Wow Susie, you were'nt just being a Mom when you said your son was very talented. That's beautiful. I love the lizard at the bottom.

  2. Thanks, Jenni. I like the lizard too. You can't imagine how busy I have been this summer. We replaced our old deck with a new one in July. What an ordeal. But it is beautiful. The man who constructed it also built us a small gazebo at one end to display hanging plants and house our grill and gardener's bench. The deck still needs to be stained. Once that is done I'll take pictures of the deck and post it here.

  3. Beautiful! I've always found mosaics fascinating.

    Actually, of course, it's the perfect medium for his theme...